Selecting the Right IT Security Solutions

Threats to your organization are increasingly more complex, but so too are the IT security solutions available to mitigate them. Developing a successful information security management plan not only requires broad expertise in security technology, but deep experience in identifying risks, building strategy, prioritizing processes and bringing all elements together in a holistic approach to information technology security.

The problem is, most companies don’t have the skilled experts on staff to manage this task effectively. The universe of threats is too large and the options available to combat them are too vast – in-house security teams simply don’t have the resources or expertise that it takes to design, build and run successful security programs. That’s why, when choosing a partner who can provide comprehensive IT security solutions and a holistic approach to security, many of the world’s leading companies today are turning to Marafie IT Services & Consultation Co.

Comprehensive IT Security Solutions

Marafie IT Services & Consultation Co. span the entire information security space, while our IT security solutions target the most pressing issues facing organizations today.

Our IT security solutions enable you to:

  • Balance the risks and rewards of cloud computing
  • Develop effective enterprise security architecture to enhance security programs
  • Mitigate advanced threats while minimizing the impact on your business
  • Leverage the promise of the Internet of Things while keeping systems safe
  • Deploy identity and access management solutions to improve business and operational efficiencies
  • Gain the insight and security intelligence you need to understand adversaries of threats

Our IT security consulting and IT security services include:

  • Security Program Strategy
  • Enterprise Incident Management
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Architecture and Implementation
  • Enterprise Incident Management
  • Education and Awareness
  • Managed Security Services

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