Following our Consultation, development, implementation and successful deployment of solutions, we continue to provide consulting services and production support to our clients in order to ensure that we address any immediate and future applicable changes that might arise out of emerging technologies, business process changes or compliance to match newer standards and policies.

Training and knowledge transfer: Educating your people is essential to make the most of your IT infrastructure, but time and budgets can be limiting, resulting in a lower return on your technology investment. A flexible education structure is needed to meet the demands of your workforce and your business.

Marafie IT Services & Consultations helps you identify a set of your resources that work with us throughout the development and implementation phase and learn from our implementation and best practices methodologies, thus enabling you to maximize performance and productivity.

Marafie IT Services & Consultations provides training in various products and solutions to its customers and partners related to various IT security and enterprise products. Marafie IT Services & Consultations provides Technical Support to its various customers and clients including onsite and offsite support.

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